Quan, electro music master

Quan - one of the experimental electronic music pioneers in Vietnam - welcomed us in his home/studio in Hanoï. Only live music and homemade MIDI controllers. Welcome in a world full of cables and ideas that rocket to a music arising from a finger’s touch!

Conversation with Quan


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Quan just moved over to Canada to get closer to his family. A few months back, he was a resident at the Savage club in Hanoï, the city where he grew up.

Before telling us his story, Quan freestyled for our earing pleasure.

“ I started my career in music by playing guitar in a band.

Then I discovered electro music and the idea of being able to produce all the music you want to, on your own. I loved this concept of 


So I quit my band.
It happened 5 years ago.


When I saw this video, I saw for the first time some live electro music, built on stage.
I thought that was it.
That was exactly what I wanted to do!

But I needed more ‘tools’ to be able to do what I wanted to. In Vietnam, it was very difficult to find these kind of tools - and it is still difficult.

Why ?
Vietnam has only been opening to the World for a few years. It used to be under the strict control of the unique communist party. This political party is still governing the country, still with censorship.
Electro music is underground over there. Not a lot of young vietnamese know it as they are yet listening to EDM or Vietnamese house music which are completely different kinds of music.
There are more and more initiatives to develop electro music : Quan talks about it at the end of the article.

So, I realized that I only had 2 options to find the tools I needed. 

The first option

was to order from abroad - from Germany, France or Japan. With high risks that it never makes it all the way to my house.

Speaking of Germany, I am going to record a few tracks for a new independant label in Berlin. But I have to adapt my music a little bit for the German clubs. They prefer dark and straight music, whereas in Vietnam we prefer music with a bit more melody without being cheesy. 

The second option

was to build the tools myself. So I started to build a MIDI controller*.

I had some knowledge about electricity from High School but I mostly watched tutorials on Youtube. 


I do it because this way I can build what I need. And I love doing it.

After 6 months of non-stop work, I just finished the Quanalog system 1.0! 

Photo ©Quan

My dream is to be able to sell my controler one day. It is more a dream than a plan right now, but who knows...

I feel that Vietnamese people are more and more interested in electro music. It started to change one year ago. At Savage club where I was playing, I saw more and more Vietnamese coming. It used to be a majority of expats.

The owner of Savage club organized, early 2018, the second edition* of the Equation festival in Hanoï : a promising festival with less than 1000 people.
*if you’re interested, a third edition is on its way.

In Saigon, the Observatory organizes the festival THE DESERT, still very underground - especially to reach the spot (hence the name THE DESERT).

When I was living in Vietnam, I was resident dj at the Savage club and I also played around 6 or 7 additional gigs per months.

I spend time to prepare each set. But I never end up playing what I prepared. I always play live and I can’t help but improvising! 

Music needs to be true by sticking to the room’s atmosphere and to my mood. ”

Quan’s next live shows will be to watch in Canada!

Quan’s soundcloud channel : here


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